Air ambulance NI

This is the new air ambulance for Northern Ireland, its first mission was on the 22nd July 2017 while on a training mission. It’s hours of operation are between 7am- 7pm daily.It has carried out over 150 HEMS missions to date [Heli emergency medical service ] The aircraft anEC135 is capable of reaching anywhere in Northern Ireland in half an hour.The service is charity based and will cost approx 2 million to run per year.

NI aviation enthusiasts

This a screenshot from NI aviation enthusiasts web page who are keeping an eye on the Ikarus c42 fleet in Northern Ireland when picked up by flight radar.

Safe guard our airfields.

Please take a moment to look at this site and put your support behind the all party group who are fighting on your behalf to safe guard your airfields.

Microlight flying .

In “microlight flying”,the official publication of the U.K. BMAA there is an article this month regarding  the IAA and the start of hard Brexit. Further to my previous article, it appears the national body has had to get involved and ask for clarification from the Irish aviation authority who have effectively closed the FIR to Irish pilot wishing to fly south using the UK self declaration medical system.

I would appear that there has been a hardening of attitude by the IAA on this matter and they appear to not be in disposition for any compromise.

This is effectively a U-turn to their previous stance in accepting the UK NPPL medical and not based on a statistical study of flying hours v medical risk.

i would implore all pilots to sent a letter of support to the NMAI  chairman Mr. Mark Dwyer at who is lobbying on your behalf.

It is probably the case that we as pilots should be bringing this matter to the national press, MPs TDs to raise the injustice of Northern Irish pilots and Southern Irish pilots who are flying leagally using this system.

CAA publications.

Here are some recent CAA publications that Blog followers may find useful this summer while flying.