NPPL medical update.

It would appear that the Irish aviation authority has indeed rescinded  the privilege  for UK NPPL holders to fly in Irish airspace. It is a fact that this was done sometime last year and that they failed to inform or negotiate with the Irish microlight association the NMAI.

The IAA stance that a UK medical self declaration  is no longer valid is absurd in the least? We have been flying in Ireland for many years now on a self declaration . I am not aware of any accidents or incidents in Irish airspace caused directly by medical condition , in fact I would ask them to prove otherwise .

I would ask all pilots both UK and Ireland to please get in touch with with the NMAI to show support in their quest to have this decision rescinded .At the moment any UK pilot that visits requires an aeromedical  LAPL medical.

Please feel free to air your views on social media or the Press to try to raise the profile of the injustice handed to neighbouring  pilots.

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