Wild Geese.

An interesting trip up to Movenis airfield the home of the Wild Geese parachute club proved a good day out. The weather proved to be a little middling with a reasonable strong  wind blowing down runway 25.

On route we managed to get some air to air shots of a Yellow foxbat.

The welcome was warm as we nipped into the field between drops.  Some pleasant chat about all things aviation lead to the offer of a hot cup of tea.

Having enjoyed the brew in the restaurant run by the club, it was pleasing to find out that they didn’t charge a landing fee.

PPR is a must as this is a busy parachute training school and a call 10mins outside the zone to ensure flight safety. If on with Aldergrove on a basic service they will remind you that the drop zone is  active

8.33 Radio

The U.K. CAA has stated that over half of the ground stations are now operating on 8.33KHz and all must be compliant by 2019.

The CAA has also reiterated that the sport and recreational radio channels including safetycom will also be changing to 8.33 KHz by 2019

Navan airfield. Apologies.

I would like to publicly apologise to Mr Trevor & Rhys Kellett for a previous article published on this site, now removed. It was factually in correct by including Navan Airfied , Navan flying club and Mr Trevor Kellett. After discussing the matter above I wish to withdraw any negative feedback that may have been perceived about the club members or owners.

Please have a look at Navan Airfied

http so://m.facebook.comNavanAirfield

It is my full intention to provide an accurate blog on the airfield from my next visit by air

P. Durrans

Carlisle airfield.

It’s nice to see Carlisle airfield open for business and very welcoming for GA. looking forward to my next trip over.