Wet winter.

After another misty day of aviation in Co. Armagh , it looks like we are in for a treat in the middle of next week. Barra Best our local weather forecaster has it on good authority that summer is here . 😃


Please check out this site for all things Taylorcraft related in the UK.  The site moderator Rob Lee is a mine of information  for all things Taylorcraft , his home airfield Leicester has the majority of UK Taylorcraft based at the field. 


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Irish aviation authority confusion.

It has come to light recently that the IAA, the Irish aviation regulator has decided that they no longer accept the UK medical self declaration  out of the blue, in essence they have banned uk pilots who are legal to fly in the UK from visiting the Emerald Isle . This is a worrying development , I am told by good authority that this may be a clerical over site , however pilots using the uk NPPL must be careful until this matter is clarified . Is this a Brexit negation tactic put in place as a bargaining chip, this remains to be seen. I sincerely hope the matter is clarified before the flying season starts in earnest. Please watch this space for further developments. The matter is being raised on your behalf by the NMAI. Let’s hope common sense prevails.

BMAA youth flying bursary.

If you are young, keen , with a need to fly please take advantage of the BMAA youth bursary and kick start your flying adventure .

For more information check the BMAA website at,


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The important thing is that the applications need to be in before the 31st. March 2018

Good luck.