Chilli con carnage challenge

Kernan aviation, fly-in hot chilli challenge.

The Kernan aviation fly-in is on the 9th June. One of the fun features this year is Keith’s Chilli challenge. You can challenge Keith to a free bowl of chilli, you must eat two scoops of proper chilli without a drink,free if you finish, £5 to charity if you fail. Not recommend for pilots with a long flight home 😉

Navan airfield , The Graigs, Co Meath.

A friend in need is a friend in deed, a phrase often heard and one that applies  to all walks of life except in aviation it would  appear. Mr. Rhys & Trevor Kellett of Navan airfield , The Graigs ,Co Meath think otherwise .

As you may be aware aviators in the North of Ireland  have an issue with the IAA and their over zealous inforcement of a European class two medical. Rather than support their neighbours they decided to ridicule them on social media. Apparently they would rather not have their northern friends down south to visit as it would appear that Irish airspace is far too overcrowded with General aviation aircraft.

Navan airfield is now off the Christmas card list.